At MAP Solutions we take on a diverse range of projects from small
renovations to large scale commercial.  MAP Solutions aims to 
provide unique solutions to your issues keeping in mind personal taste
and budget.  We will work with you throughout the entire project to
ensure that all your needs and requirements are satisfied, assuring the
final product will be perfect for you.

Initial Design - In this stage we will develop the brief through 
discussions with you.  We will study options and present you with 
favoured options that make the most of your site, desires and budget.
We will investigate & review the existing conditions related to the
site / building.

Town Planning - In this stage we will take the initial design and provide
documents if a TP application is required.
Design Documentation - In this stage we will take the chosen 
option and develop it into a full design.  We consider all facets of the 
design, finishes, building structure and services with engineers, to
provide comprehensive documents to suit your needs.
Tendering - We can arrange prices from a panel of contractors for your project.
Contract Administration - We act as your agent during the building 
process. We make sure the project is carried out in accordance with the
documents. When the builder asks for a variation or payment we act
independently to ensure the claims are fair to all.
Defects - We review the project after 6 months to ensure any defects
are attended to.