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Welcome to our new website

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

Hi, well it has been a while since we have paid attention to our website. The reality of it is that we found our jobs were not coming via the website. Our jobs are usually from word of mouth contacts and repeat clients. In fact we are now up to our third project for some clients.

So what has changed? Well it is time to make a record of some of the work we have done and share our thoughts on what is happening around us. We hope that that may make some of you interested in contacting us, and we would love to assist you with any projects you are thinking about. But really we just want the world to know that we still exist, and have done some work we are proud of!

Check back here as I hope to put up some regular posts about things that interest us, from architectural trends to the way we would like to see the city around us grow.

Hope you have a great day!



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